Journey Væglampe SHY2 Lerfarvet


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The Journey lamp is a merging of two classic geometric shapes, the sphere and the rectangle. The round, opal glass shade is reminiscent of the moon. Journey comes as both a table lamp and a wall lamp, with subtle colour combinations that make it easy to place anywhere. Whether the moon is full or not, the intention is for you to enjoy the design and all the moods you can create.

Signe Hytte

Signe Hytte is a purist with a capital P. She finds beauty in the absolute essence of things, where she seeks to strip away anything extra without eliminating the essential. Prior to graduating from TEKO Design and Business School in Denmark, Hytte studied Aesthetic and Culture at Aarhus University. “I have a deep desire to do something special without over-doing it,” says Hytte. “Aiming for something simple yet meaningful, that you feel good about looking at and living with.”

Hytte’s starting point is never nothing. Often it’s some kind of framework like geometry, as seen in her Journey lamp. Here, her point of departure was the sphere and a rectangle. “For me, when you turn on the lamp, the sphere is reminiscent of the moon,” adds Hytte. “The rectangle acts like a cradle for the sphere. A bit like those toys for children, where the impetus of the sphere makes the sphere roll forward down a track until it eventually lands.” And the journey? “It’s all about going somewhere. Travelling without travelling. An inner journey, with the lamp lighting the way for new thoughts, new beginnings.”


Højde: 24.00 cm
Bredde: 18.00 cm
Dybde: 26.00 cm
Fatning: G9
Designer: Signe Hytte
Serie: Journey
Materiale: Glas & stål
Spænding: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
EAN: 5709262010653

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